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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!


One of my favorite sayings is about dancing in the rain. This particular blog is about two very special babies that have survived the storm and now I am just hoping and praying that they can soon "dance in the rain" because they deserve to have the best life a cat can live.

Fashion is a sweet, loving, 3 year old dilute calico. She was found as a stray and came to New Leash on Life in hopes of finding a loving forever home....this was in October, 2010. She is still waiting on her forever home - but I know she will find it! She is a survivor - diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis recently - but she has recovered very nicely! She needs a home and lots and lots of love!

Cash is Fashion's son! Cash is about 8 months old, orange and white bundle of energy! Cash has never had the joy of living in a home. See, he came to New Leash on Life with his Mom when he was just a little kitten. Cash is a survivor also - he has had digestive issues and also exposed and probably positive for Toxoplasmosis. He is being treated and expects to fully recover from this parasite.

My hope and prayers are that Fashion and Cash find their forever homes soon so they can know and enjoy life as a cat should - in a home with lots of room to roam, play and DANCE!

If you happen to read this blog and are interested in learning more about Fashion and Cash - visit New Leash on Life's website and learn more about these two survivors.

For more information on Toxoplasmosis in cats check out these links:

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