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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How I spend my Sunday mornings...

Many people get up and go to church on Sunday to worship and share fellowship with friends and family. I spend my Sunday mornings at the local PetSmart caring for the cats and kittens that are up for adoption through PetSmart Charities and New Leash on Life animal welfare organization. This is one of the ways I worship, express my love for God and life.

All of these kitties need furever homes and until they find those homes I, along with other cat team members, care for this homeless babies - cleaning, feeding and loving on them as much as we can, or they will allow - because we know cats can get attitudes and CATS RULE!

I almost always take my camera with me to try and capture the special personalities of these sweet souls so I can remember them and so others can see how wonderful and different they all are!

This is Levi - he is a 5 month old red tabby. He and his brother Calvin have been at the adoption center since they were very very young - maybe 5 weeks old. They are the only two left from their litter and are wonderful, loving kittens. Levi is quite a character - he tries to get himself into the smallest of places - like between his bar door and the litter box - which is about an inch wide space! Once he realizes that he is just not going to fit he goes and curles up in the window and watches his brother watch me! He is so funny and so sweet!

This is Calvin - a 5 month old neutered red/cream colored tabby. He is very attentive to everything I do while cleaning and follows me around the room (from his condo) trying to figure out how he can get out and help!

Calvin has the biggest orange eyes that just look at you with such interest and desire to understand what you are doing! As I clean his condo windows (from the outside) he is chasing my hand and the rag - knowing he can't catch either but he doesn't give up!

But this is my favorites of the kittens we have at PetSmart right now - meet Aero. He is 5 mths old and boy does he love to get attention. He rolls on his back and looks at you upside down and then rolls over and gives your hand a "head butt" telling you he wants you to pet him!

He is solid black with this tiny bit of white on his belly - so tiny that I didn't notice it until today when he was rolling around on the condo floor!

My dream is that all of these sweet babies find homes quickly so they can know the love and freedom of being part of a family. These kittens, and all of the kittens and cat at New Leash on Life, deserve the best and we are so lucky to have loving and caring people who are adopting them and making them part of their family!

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